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Like many of us, I gradually allowed myself to ignore LinkedIn and underestimate that free and beneficial resource. After an absence of almost two years, I was happy to log in and discover new profile enhancements that showcase ambitious professionals and highlight our expertise in ways that make us appear very capable to potential clients and employers. If you are looking for work or are a Solopreneur looking for work on a project, these characteristics can be a real bonus. Time to take another look at LinkedIn.

LINKS. My new favorite feature is the website link now offered by all career experience listings. Click on the link; copy / paste the organization’s web address into the dialog box; see the nice picture appearing in the picture box; click continue, then click add to profile and voila! Your profile will feature eye-catching images that will entice interested parties to explore your affiliated organizations and the expertise you will contribute. You can also link a photo, document, presentation or video and provide a good overview of the organization and its role. there.

HIGHLIGHT. Above your profile photo and the holder’s job listing, notice the quote ribbon of skills highlighting options that you can click, fill in, and add even more information to showcase your experience, professional activities, and achievements. . I saw questions related to groups and activities I participated in at school; articles you may have recently published; and samples of work or special projects that I could add to my profile.

GROUPS. For the past several years, I have had the honor of serving as a first round judge for an organization that awards awards to C-Suite level women in business (there are also mixed European, Asian / Pacific and American business awards that I do not judge ). The organizers of the awards invited me to join the LinkedIn group that is exclusive to the judges. I regularly follow the discussions to find out what I can learn and contribute. I recommend that you explore LinkedIn groups, starting with your college alumni group, which can be a great resource on both a professional and personal level.

UPDATES. I did the editing, photo editing and desktop publishing project management for a history book that was released in September 2016. I posted that information in the update section of the home page and uploaded the book cover photo and description of the project in the Projects tab accessed from the Add profile section drop-down menu that you will see on the right.

COVER PHOTO. Add visual sparkle to your profile photo. Look for free LinkedIn cover photos and choose what you like the most. Ride the my profile.

HEADLINE. When you add a new job listing, LinkedIn automatically converts the new job title to your title, but for some, this may not be ideal. Some of the employees traditionally might make a lateral move, temporarily altering the upward linear career slope. Individual entrepreneurs can take a part-time job that enhances the overall skill set, but they may not deserve the brand title.

Consider revising your headline, even if it doesn’t exactly match your official job title. Your mission is to improve your personal brand and LinkedIn, although often seen by potential employers, it is not your official CV. Also, consider rearranging your list of professional positions to give prominence to what you want to highlight. In edit profile, click the up and down arrows to the right of the job title and see a four-headed icon. Use the icon to drag and reorder.

Url. Instead of keeping the LinkedIn profile URL automatically generated, visit your profile page, click Edit profile, see the link directly below your photo and click again to set up a custom URL for you.

CREDENTIALS. On the profile page, click Edit profile and under your photo and URL, see add a section to your profile. Below that see see more and click there to reveal a number of enhancements you can add, including certifications, patents, special projects, and your professional publications.

ANSWER. When connections celebrate a success — work anniversary, post a nice update, switch to a new job, or post a blog post that you find interesting — send an email from LinkedIn to comment and congratulate.

PURGE. Eliminate connections that no longer make sense, or those that ignore your questions or other outreach activities.

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