Apple has introduced quite a few smartphones in the market, but out of all of them, the iPhone 5s is the smartest. Consumers were eagerly awaiting this phone, which was finally introduced in 2013. It would not be wrong to say that this product was pivotal as it had the potential to change the overall bottom line of the company. Here is an iPhone 5s review to check if this Apple smartphone really deserves the hype that has been created around it.

The design of the iPhone 5s continues to follow the traditional design of Apple phones, with minimal hardware with a user interface, containing only five buttons. The frame made of composite aluminum makes the phone durable. Composed of a four-inch touch screen, its design is very similar to that of the iPhone 5. The resolution of the touch screen is 640 * 1135 at 326 pixels per inch. The home button, with a flat design, with a laser-cut sapphire cover, is located below the screen. It helps to navigate to almost all applications. Weighing just over 112 grams, the phone is 7.6mm thick.

Attractive and exceptional features have helped contribute to the popularity of the iPhone 5s. It incorporates state-of-the-art hardware, with an M-7 motion coprocessor, 64-bit architecture, and the latest i-Sight camera. These are the factors that make this phone qualify for the fact already stated. In addition, Apple has employed superior fingerprint scanning technology for this edition of its phone, thus enhancing its security. Consumers are delighted to use the touch ID feature provided in this smartphone. The home button that contains the sensor starts working as soon as it recognizes your thumb. Touch ID allows for a 360-degree reading of the registered digits, helping you unlock any features available with this phone by simply holding it up, without having to go all the way up. At one point, Apple recognized that this feature was the most useful in boosting its sales.

You would know that the trend with all other major smartphone manufacturers is to pack powerful cameras into their latest smartphones, and Apple is no exception. Although the iPhone 5s contains the same 8-megapixel camera that the iPhone 5 had, it has improved features. Its sensor has been improved by fifteen percent, while individual pixels have been increased to 1.5 microns. Its aperture has also increased to f/2.2, which improves light sensitivity by almost 33 percent.

Thanks to the A7 camera app, users have been able to take full advantage of the camera included in the iPhone 5s. Going through iPhone 5s reviews posted on the net, one finds that consumers claim to have gotten the most impressive images with this device. Users are very impressed by the amazing quality of the images, especially close-ups. Even the image quality of remote objects is outstanding.

Built-in flash operation is governed by color temperature and intensity. This feature keeps brighter backgrounds at bay by giving all photos a natural color tone. The camera also allows you to shoot 1080p video at a rate of 30 frames per second. Plus, you also get automatic image stabilization and 3X video zoom as a bonus. It offers excellent slow motion video capture and is far superior to many digital cameras on the market today.

There is no doubt that all these features have contributed to improving the performance of the latest Apple iPhone. Thanks to the latest operating system, you will enjoy multitasking and smooth and fast navigation. If you’re still running iPhone OS 6, it’s about time you got an iPhone 5s to experience the benefits of the latest operating system. You will surely appreciate the clarity of phone calls and find that the Internet connection has wonderful speed. The best thing is the fact that you can run multiple apps simultaneously without bricking your phone or experiencing lag. Even connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are a bit more stable than before.

Many people who use Apple phones were not very happy with the battery life of their iPhone. Apple has paid special attention to this limitation when designing the 5s. Apple claims that the iPhone 5s provides ten hours of talk time on fourth-generation networks, 250 hours of standby time, ten hours of Wi-Fi internet use, and continuous audio for forty hours. However, these figures may change a bit when tested in real conditions. The latest edition of iPhone OS comes with a built-in power management system and plays a big part in delivering these remarkable figures. Also, its hardware components consume lesser amounts of power, compared to its previous editions.

Taken together, it would be reasonable to conclude that the iPhone 5s is the most remarkable smartphone ever offered by Apple. That is the reason why it is recognized as the iPhone that changes the game for Apple. The designers have successfully exploited the M7 microprocessor, the A 7 chip and its 64-bit architecture. The latest edition of smartphone, Apple iPhone 5s is already in the market. It is available in three models, with storage capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. All the characteristics and technical specifications of these models are the same, the difference being the storage capacity of each model. The current price of the 18GB model is approximately $700. Considering the benefits of this iPhone, you will agree that it deserves that price and you will soon fall in love with this smartphone!

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