Whether we admit it or not, we want things our way. From the way we want our eggs to cook to which side of the cupboard our socks should be on, we want things organized in our favor. And for people who want more aesthetically pleasing things, customization is no stranger to their vocabulary. We see them adding a touch of their spice for more identity in their work as well. I remember a time in my life when I used to have a lot of purple stuff, and when I say a lot, almost all of my stuff was purple, but it made it easier for other people to identify my possessions, which is very convenient at school too. And you know that people are in love with comfort, or else we wouldn’t try very hard to improve our science and physics. With the level of technology we have now, there is no doubt that many personalization applications are already possible and available on the market, including the commands integrated into our mobiles to help make our phone experience more organized and personal.

An iPhone could be a fancy device to look at, or a very boring phone, if you can’t fully access its capabilities. What we want is to optimize the use we make of our mobiles while exploring our artistic side to design the best phone we can have.

Here are some tips to personalize your iPhone and give it the makeover it deserves:


An iPhone allows you to choose a dark or light theme. To do this, go to your screen and brightness settings and adjust to your desired theme. you could also choose automatic which will automatically change your theme depending on the time. It also allows you to set what time you would like it to go dark, or if you want it to turn on at sunset. If you think this is too basic and want more options to choose from, you can always try installing a third-party app that allows you to switch and choose themes from various layouts. Some may require additional payment to purchase themes.


Wallpapers are those that we see on our phones as a background image on our home screen. This contributes to the overall attractiveness of our phone. Customizing your wallpaper can be a choice of your favorite travel photo, a selfie or groupie, your favorite K-pop group photo, or maybe just a simple color image. One thing to keep in mind when choosing your wallpaper is that it shouldn’t clutter your fonts and apps, or else you’ll have trouble reading and identifying them on your screen. You can adjust the blur and brightness of the photo you are going to use to avoid this. You can also adjust the perspective zoom of the image you chose.

To add/change your wallpaper, go to your chosen image on Photosplay more optionsand select Use as wallpaper.

Actually, you can use your wallpaper as lock screen background or choose a different one. If you have a third-party app, you can customize your lock screen based on a theme of your choice.

Another way to customize your lock screen is to set a pattern lock or Face ID. This way you will also keep your phone private and secure.


We are guilty of downloading many new applications: games, photography, editing and social applications. This makes our home screen cluttered with random stuff in random places, and surely makes it hard to find an app when we need to use it (unless you search for it in the search bar and then tap on it). You can organize your apps according to what you like or how you want them grouped. It’s convenient to have everything in one place to save time searching for a particular app. To organize them, touch and hold the home screen until you can drag the apps. Combine them and you will create a folder. You can also rename the folder as you like.

There is also a way to redesign your icons if you want a cleaner, more identical design. In your shortcuts, tap the + in the top right corner and tap add action. Type in the search tab of the next window, open the app and choose the action you want. After performing the command, you can customize the icon that will be displayed for the shortcut you have created, from color to graphics and images. In fact, you can group your commands by color to create a color-coded home screen.


I personally love to change my font styles from time to time. It keeps the design fresh and a bit new to the eye. In your settings, click screen and brightness to find the text size and bold options. If you want more fun usable fonts on your social media, I recommend you download the FONTS app on the app store. It gives you font variations to use in your subtitles and comments.


This is a cool update that the iPhone got this year. Adding widgets to your home screen is the icing on the cake. You can add a slideshow of your favorite images, display the clock and/or in different time zones, and put your reminder where you can easily see it, and much more. Long press the home screen and click the + button and you can choose widgets and they are available in 3 different sizes. Other widget apps that you can find in the store can also be added to your home screen widgets. Motivation is a widget app where you can find daily motivational quotes about life where you can also see a widget of 3 different sizes.


You can actually ask Siri to set your nickname or whatever name you want Siri to call you by. This is so much fun because it’s like having your own personal secretary. If you don’t already have Siri, go to settings and search for accessibility. Click Siri and set up yours.


Another fun way to do with voice recognition is to activate voice control. This allows you to speak the command to your phone and it plays back the command. So when your hands are full, or you’re driving but need to check something on your phone, you can say what you want to do and voila, task complete. While I’m still testing how much my phone could support my commands verbally, it’s fun to be able to do it with your voice, too. To activate voice control, go to accessibility in settingsand play in voice control. Take the privilege to navigate in the commands you can give to your phone


Double or triple tapping on the Apple logo on the back of your phone will execute a certain command depending on what is programmed and configured. This is a new addition to the simple but very useful and convenient commands that we could give our phones. To change the gesture, go to accessibility and hit play. There, you will find the option to touch backwards and choose the command you want to be executed with that certain gesture. You can also refer to other accessibility commands for more customized settings.


A recently discovered customization is to run automation on certain events related to your phone. In your shortcuts, tap automation at the bottom and click +. You will find a lot of events where you could choose what sound the phone would make, or rather talk. When you add action to it, look for speak test and there, you can type whatever you want the system to speak when that event occurs, or you can also import or record media.


Ringtones and sounds can be one of the most useful tools for your phone. This notifies you of what just came in on your social media, text messages, wakes you up with your alarm, and calls you when there is an incoming call. It is very important to designate specific ringtones so that you can be aware and familiar with the notification that comes in. There are many sounds and ringtones that you can choose from. In its settings, you can adjust the type, volume, and even vibration of your sound as you like. But if you are looking for more personalized and fun ringtones, you can import and download free ringtones for iPhone on the Set As Ringtones website and you can choose from a number of ringtones ranging from the best to the newly released. It’s easy to download and find cool and funny ringtones to add to your personalized mobile experience.

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