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10 Interesting Findings in US Automotive Website Search Engine Optimization Research

In this article I researched some of the mid-tier and developing US auto websites and got their search engine optimization (SEO) indices and trends. The comparative discussion schemes here will shed light on the key parameters behind successful or unsuccessful ecommerce implementations. By “websites in development”, I mean sites that are gaining popularity in terms of links and Page Rank (PR), but are definitely not the most popular. The results and discussions will be helpful to relatively new ecommerce businesses on how to improve their SEO strategies and relevant actions. In this short article, I point out the main theoretical findings like subtitles. In relevant discussions, I will cover specific examples to support the theoretical findings.

1. Off-page optimization can even improve an average quality website: the web quality (rating) of autonetusa (dot com) is average (found by the webgrader tool). However, due to more directory submissions and higher inbound links, you get the same PR from Auctiondirectusa (dot net). Therefore, the total number of inbound links exceeds this average value.

2. Banned websites: if a search engine (eg Google-bot) believes that a site is SPAM (or a fake website), the site is banned (the page rank can become 0). PR can also be 0 for other reasons. The reasons are: domain problem, lack of coding, programming maturity, lack of proper user interface (the things that a virus or spam does). Other reasons (misbehavior of web designers) are: very repetitive keywords in headers / body / footers, trying to confuse the Googlebot by making the site too smart, irrelevant context, etc. autobyte, autousadirect (dot com) has PR = 0 (No keys, long spam keys) Although both sites are 5 and 10 years old, they have fewer inbound links compared to their ages. Also, the site was not submitted to external urls / engines / directories. Another example is maseratiusa (dot com). It is 8 years / 5 years (8 years old and registration will expire after 5 years, indicating a mature and secure domain). However, it has no URL submission history and its number of pages indexed by Google is 0. Search engines are most likely to point to the site as a banned site due to occasional misconduct on the part of site designers. .

3. Old site that can be further improved (possibility to improve SEO): adesa (dot com) is a 12-year / 5-year-old site (to go). Your PR = 5. It has a higher than average ratio of indexed pages and inbound links. It has a high traffic / user access (above 0.5%). It is submitted to various directories, including 11 submissions on “del.icio.us.” (high) indicating good off-page optimization. However, there are some issues on this site, such as missing keywords and blogging (user interactions). Also, there are fewer inbound links compared to its age. The solution to these problems could improve the page ranking of this site.

4. Age doesn’t matter if design and SEO are absent: two average sites (40% rating quality) – “jmagroup (dot com)” and “uppergear (dot com)” are 10-year-old sites ( old website). Your PRs are 3 or 4. There are no URL submissions (page optimization OFF is absent). Fewer inbound links (5. In other words, the SEO mechanism should be applied to any site for better performance.

5. A site close to the best, but with some shortcomings related to page layout: Cirrusdesign (dot com) (86% rating) is an 11-year / 8-year-old site. A large number of people access the site (0.7% higher). There are also a lot of inbound links related to the site. However, only a few indexed pages from that site are available on Google compared to its age. A large number of “Del ..” submissions and URLs. PR = 6 in both cases. Keyword and page optimizations and all-way URL submissions are not visible. BUick (dot com) agrees with this point in the same way!

6. Excessive graphics look like a scam site and reduce PR: Dealertrack (dot com) is an old site (9 years old) with a lot of inbound links and Google indexed pages. A large number of users access this site (1.4%). However, there are no URL submissions. Also, excessive graphics limit load optimizations and reduce their popularity (PR is only 3).

7. Short-term site that has a high PR (How to achieve PR quickly?): Bzresults (dot com) has good interactions with the user. Your site is only 4 years old and has a 76% web rating (above average, but not the best site). It achieved a large number of inbound links (47,000) in a short period. The OFF page optimization (RSS feed, communication feed, form submission, user interactions), etc., is there. A large amount of user access (2.7% higher) to the site. An interesting feature is that it has an average PR of incoming links equal to 3.2 (13 PR5, 2 PR6, 49 PR4, … 30 PR2, and only 6 PR1, most are in PR3). Therefore popular sites are linking / referencing this site.

8. Wynnusa (dot com) is a similar rated site (design principle) but is older (2x). However, it has fewer inbound links (1/4 of point 9 above) and was not posted to any directories. Also, your average PR of in-links = 2.2 where the highest PR of in-links is only 3 (as opposed to many 3+ in PR of the previous site). Therefore, your PR is only 4.

9. Short Term Site (Another good example) Vvcars (dot com) (simple site) is an average site type (63% rating). You are 3 years old, but you are 8 years old before the expiration of your registrations. There are only 470 in-links (compared to 47k in point 9). However, it has 15 Del. Presentation articles. It has a PR of 4 (good in no time).

10. Graphics heavy (other shortcomings) Nittotire (dot com) is 9 years old and has 20,000 inbound links. It has 10 of the .. presentations. But it has a PR of only 4! 11b. Volvopenta (dot com) is 11 years old, slow load time (hence a rating value of only 40%). It has 2080 in-links. It was not sent to any URL, nor RSS nor blogs (user interactions). It has a PR of 5 with some higher PR links.

Summary We can compile the summary of the above findings as follows. a) Page optimization is required (site titles, tracking, optimal coding, proper graphics, user interactions). b) High PR inbound links are GOLD. Also try increasing the number of indexed pages and the ratio of indexed pages to inbound links. c) OFF page optimizations are also essential for new sites. URL submissions, blogs, RSS, newsfeeds, articles, should be incorporated to increase public relations. d) Communication with the user, the community forum, people’s personal URLs, links, etc. they must always be done.


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